deel.lip.initializers module

class deel.lip.initializers.SpectralInitializer(eps_spectral=0.001, eps_bjorck=0.001, beta_bjorck=0.5, k_coef_lip=1.0, base_initializer='orthogonal')

Bases: Initializer

Initialize a kernel to be 1-lipschitz orthogonal using bjorck normalization.

  • eps_spectral – stopping criterion of iterative power method

  • eps_bjorck – float greater than 0, stopping criterion of bjorck algorithm, setting it to None disable orthogonalization

  • beta_bjorck – beta parameter of bjorck algorithm

  • base_initializer – method used to generate weights before applying the orthonormalization


Returns the configuration of the initializer as a JSON-serializable dict.


A JSON-serializable Python dict.